The Dachshund is one of the top ten most popular breeds in Australia in 2021 because of its distinct, sausage-like appearance. However, not many people know of its temperament and specific characteristics. If you are thinking of adopting this dog but don’t know if it is right for your family, this article may help you make an informed decision.

Is the Dachshund for kids ?

This dog breed is active, playful, and fun-loving, making it a joy to have around. It likes to be engaged in different activities and makes a game out of almost anything. In general, it does well with children, especially when trained at an early age.

As with any breed, the Dachshund should be supervised when it is around kids, especially a baby. Furthermore, it should be handled with care given its long and fragile body. Children must be taught how to properly pick up and hold this canine to avoid injuring it accidentally.

Is the Dachshund great with older people?

If you have a senior or retired relative living at home with you, you will be glad to know that the Dachshund makes an excellent companion. This dog is naturally funny and affectionate. It loves a good cuddle and will even sleep with its human in the same bed when allowed.

A low-maintenance breed, the Dachshund is easy to look after and have around. When it comes to exercising this pooch, older people won’t have a difficult time. Given its short legs, it only requires a short walk to stay happy and healthy.

Is the Dachshund good for families?

Given all its marvellous traits, the Dachshund makes an ideal family dog. Originally bred to hunt badgers and other tunnelling animals, this German breed is naturally vigilant. It is also incredibly loyal, making it a good watchdog. It is wary around strangers and always on the lookout for potential danger – may it be a person, another animal, or even a vehicle. If you are looking for a dog that will make sure your family is protected, the Dachshund is a great choice.

A pack animal, this canine loves being part of a family. It will follow its humans wherever they go and even explore new places with them. Being a social breed, it is quite adventurous, making it ideal for families who love to do sports, engage in indoor and outdoor activities, and go on vacations together.

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