Some dogs are brush-and-go, while others need to be combed, bathed, and clipped regularly. Those that usually require a bit more work are the long-haired ones, as their coats can easily get matted or tangled. So does this mean that your beloved long-haired Sausage Dog is high maintenance?

The answer is yes and no. When compared with the other two Dachshund coat varieties namely, smooth-haired and wire-haired, the long-haired Wiener Dog has a higher grooming need. This is because its flowing coat is prone to knotting. However, grooming this breed is something that can be easily done at home without the need for professional help.

Brushing Your Long-Haired Sausage Dog

It is recommended that your Dachshund’s coat be brushed once or twice a week to prevent mats from forming. Basic grooming tools include a bristle or pin brush, slicker brush, and metal comb.

Begin by brushing your dog’s body using the bristle or pin brush. Start at the head, then work your way down. Grab the slicker brush, then repeat. Finally, comb your dog’s hair in sections, making sure to get through to the undercoat.

Bathing Your Long-Haired Sausage Dog

Unless your Dachshund gets dirty or starts to smell, it doesn’t need to be bathed frequently. A bath once every three months is usually enough so as not to dry out its skin or cause sensitivities.

To bathe your dog, fill a small bathtub or sink bowl with warm water. Lower your pooch inside, then pour water over its body. Make sure to avoid its head and ears. Next, rub a pea-size amount of shampoo into your Dachshund’s fur, starting from its feet up to its neck. Remember to use only a pH-balanced and fragrance-free dog shampoo. Rinse off the shampoo thoroughly.

You may also apply conditioner to your long-haired sausage dog to work out any tangles. Grab a tangle brush, then gently brush the conditioner through your pooch’s hair. Give your dog a final rinse, then towel it dry.

After bathing your Dachshund, wash its face and ears using a dampened cloth or mitt. Lightly dab the insides of its ears with a cotton cloth.

Clipping Your Long-Haired Sausage Dog

Regular hair clipping is required for Dachshunds, particularly around their ears and feet. To trim around your dog’s ears, tame its fur first with an antistatic spray. Hold your pooch’s head as level as possible, then carefully cut the ear hair as close to the skin as possible. Make sure to hold your scissors parallel against the skin of your dog.

To clip around the feet, pick up one of your pooch’s paws then brush the fur with a slicker brush. Snip off extra hair using scissors or shears. Keep the scissors flat against the paw. Once you are done with the paw, trim the fur on the pads. Grab the other paw, then repeat the same process.

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