How the DoGoodDoggy Training System Helps Your Puppy

DoGoodDoggy Lets Your Puppy Thrive

One of the most popular subjects for dog owners is how to train their dog. The DoGoodDoggy training method is our favourite out of the numerous training programs that are offered online and in-person. Numerous dog owners have already had success with the DoGoodDoggy Method.

This program was created by dog behaviourists, owners, and veterinarians to address all significant facets of a dog’s early growth.

In only 35 days, DoGoodDoggy training can help your puppy settle into their new home, meaning they’ll be happier and more well-behaved.  Let’s see how the DoGoodDoggy training program helps dog owners in supporting their puppy.


It teaches your puppy to value being alone

A puppy has to be trained from an early age that being alone is something they should value. Puppies often rely on their owners too much. While puppies usually shouldn’t be left alone for long periods, they also need to learn to be by themselves every so often. 

With plenty of opportunities for mental engagement, the DoGoodDoggy training system creates a space where the puppy may be left alone to relax. This teaches your dog that, even when their owner is not around, they have a safe environment where they have everything they need.


It teaches your puppy to stay calm

A puppy may cry because it is frightened of being in a new environment. This can be upsetting for novice dog parents. It may be quite difficult to get your puppy to calm down, and virtually all dog owners have had their sleep interrupted at some point by a crying, whining puppy.

The DoGoodDoggy course teaches dog owners how to avoid reinforcing these crying behaviours while also giving them the tools to calm down their puppy.


It helps stop your puppy’s biting and nipping behaviour

Puppies can get overexcited very easily, and many puppies will display their excitement and happiness through biting and nipping. This can seriously hurt since puppy teeth are extremely sharp. This behaviour should be trained out of puppies, since it can be a major issue when they turn into adults. 

The DoGoodDoggy training program teaches you how to deal with your puppy’s attempts to bite you, and how to safely and effectively redirect their biting behaviour.


It teaches your puppy to go potty in the right place

Even the most seasoned dog owners can get frustrated when their dog goes to the toilet in the wrong place. One of the main lessons of the DoGoodDoggy program deals with how to teach your puppy where and when to relieve themselves.

You’ll learn how to start toilet training your puppy and then how to get them acclimated to going outside on a schedule. Accidents are unavoidable, and the DoGoodDoggy training program focuses on rewarding successes rather than punishing mistakes. 

This is the main reason for the success of the DoGoodDoggy method – a focus on giving dogs encouragement and support rather than harsh rebukes. With the DoGoodDoggy online training program, thousands of members now have dogs that are happier, more self-assured, and more obedient.

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