When it comes to owning a Dachshund, it’s important to pay attention to the signs that your pup is happy and healthy. Dachshunds are active and energetic little pooches that need plenty of love and attention in order to stay content. Here are some signs you can look for to determine if your Dachshund is feeling good and living life to its fullest. 

A Healthy Appetite

A sure sign that your Dachshund is happy and healthy is if they have a healthy appetite. If they’re eating their meals without hesitation or skipping meals altogether, then it might be time to take them to the vet for a check-up. A normal appetite indicates that all systems are go! Also watch out for signs that your Dachshund is overweight.

Plenty of Activity

Dachshunds love activity, so if your pup has plenty of energy, this could be an indication of good health. Whether they’re playing fetch with you or running around the yard, make sure they have the opportunity to burn off their excess energy every day in order to stay fit and healthy. 

Shiny Coat 

A shiny coat is one of the key indicators of a healthy Dachshund. If your pup’s fur looks limp or greasy, then this could be an indication that something isn’t quite right. Make sure you regularly brush your pup’s fur in order to keep it looking glossy and clean. 


Another sign that your Dachshund is feeling good is alertness. Pay close attention to how much interest they take in their surroundings – whether it’s other animals or simply people walking by on the street – and compare this level of alertness against when you first got them as a puppy. If they seem more awake than usual, then chances are they are feeling great! 


If your Dachshund has regular access to water and food, then chances are they will remain clean most of the time; however, there may be times when they get dirty from rolling around in mud or getting caught in bushes while exploring outside. Keep an eye out for any dirt buildup on their paws or fur; if there isn’t any, then this could be an indication that they are taking good care of themselves! 

Overall Happiness & Contentment 

Finally, one of the most obvious signs that your Dachshund is happy and healthy is overall happiness and contentment – which can be seen through body language such as tail wagging or smiling eyes! If you notice any changes in behaviour such as increased aggression or depression, then it might be time for a trip back to the vet just in case there is something else going on with them medically.

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