Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), or slipped disc, has always been a health issue among Dachshunds. According to PetSure,  IVDD was most prevalent in this breed in 2020. Why IVDD is so common is because of the Dachshund’s conformation. With a long back and short legs, this dog can easily absorb a lot of shock from moving around too much. When this happens, its intervertebral discs degenerate, resulting in IVDD.

Given this information, it is important that you discourage your Dachshund from jumping up and down beds, couches, and other furniture. Carrying your dog from one place to another is suggested, but you should also be cautious when doing so. This is because improper handling of a Dachshund may result in injury. Luckily, there are dog stairs and ramps designed to help your pooch get to and from places without your help. The question is, which one is better?

Dachshund Stairs vs Ramps

Some Dachshund owners prefer the use of stairs because they are more customisable and less slippery compared to ramps. They also do not take up a lot of space, making them suitable for small spaces. The problem with stairs, however, is some are steep and can be hard on a dog’s joints.

If you are after your dog’s safety, a ramp is a better option. It has a gradual incline, which is easier to walk on and better for your dog’s joints. It comes in various lengths, so your pooch will be able to easily reach your furniture. What isn’t so appealing about a ramp, though, is it takes up more space and can be quite slippery.

What to Look for in Dachshund Stairs and Ramps

When choosing a Dachshund bed ladder or couch stairs, consider the height of each step. Make certain that it is the same as the height of regular indoor and outdoor steps. Also, see to it that the depth of each step is 25 to 30.5 centimetres. Next, ensure that the stairs have an anti-skid surface to prevent your dog from slipping. Finally, choose stairs that can support your dog’s weight.

When shopping for a dog ramp, take into consideration its maximum height. The ramp should be high enough so that your Dachshund can effortlessly get onto your bed or couch. It should also have an anti-skid surface for added safety. To save up on space, choose a ramp that is lightweight and foldable.

The Bottom Line

Stairs and ramps both have their advantages and disadvantages. When choosing between the two, consider how much space you have at home as well as the physical ability of your Dachshund.

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