Dachshunds may be known for looking like wieners, but their looks vary from one dog to another. In fact, there are three types of Dachshund coats: smooth-haired, wire-haired, and long-haired. Sometimes, there are markings or patterns with various colour combinations. Of all colours, red is the most popular, followed by black and tan. Surprisingly, there are still 15 other recognised Dachshund colours and several unofficial ones. Take a look at the five rarest Dachshund colours in the world:

#1 Black Dachshund

Of all the Dachshund colours, pure black is the most uncommon. It is the result of a rare recessive gene in both parents. To get this non-standard colour, a breeder has to mate two Dachshunds with the same traits. Only breeders who are not careful when breeding their dogs end up with a completely black Dachshund.

#2 Albino Dachshund

When a Dachshund is an albino, it completely lacks the genes needed for its body to produce melanin which is the pigment that produces the colour of the hair and skin. As a result, its coat is all white. This is why albino Dachshunds are often confused with white ones. The difference between the two is that an albino dog has a white coat, pink paw pads, and pink skin, while a white one has colour in its eyes and nose.

#3 Chocolate Dachshund

Solid chocolate is a recessive colour trait in a Dachshund. It is the result of breeding two parents that are completely chocolate or carriers of the genes. You will know if your Dachshund is chocolate if its colour is a rich shade of brown like that of milk chocolate. It also shouldn’t be with any cream or tan spots all over its body. Finally, your dog’s nose should be a shade of brown instead of black.

#4 Fawn Dachshund

Also known as “isabella,” the colour “fawn” looks similar to faded chocolate. Sometimes, it may even look like lilac with some yellowish tint. This unusual colour is a result of both parents carrying recessive genes that cause dilution. Dogs that are solid fawn do not have cream or tan points. Furthermore, their eyes, nose, and tail are grey.

#5 Wild Boar Dachshund

This coat colour occurs only on wire-haired Dachshunds. It is a one-of-a-kind combination of colours that include brown, grey, and black. Sometimes, the colours chocolate, red, and blue are also present. For the most part, however, a wild boar Dachshund will have a dark-coloured coat with tan spots on its snout and chest.

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